New Entrepreneurs Hiring Bootcamp


In this online program, we’ll demystify the hiring process and get you on your way to growing your business and building the life of your dreams.



Course contains 4 Parts:

Pre-course Module: We’ll walk you through determining what you will do with the time your new hire will give back to you, so you can hit the ground running when the opportunity arises.

Module 1 (6 Videos + Bonus Material): We’ll talk about the things you need to keep in mind when hiring your first professional team, independent contractors and employees. We’ll also walk through an exercise to determine what your first hire(s) would do.

Module 2 (6 Videos + Bonus Material): We’ll get into the nuts and bolts of searching for, screening, interviewing, checking and hiring your first employees.

Module 3 (4 Videos + Bonus Material): We’ll review tips on orienting, onboarding, managing and terminating employees.

Note: After purchase of this online course, you will receive an email with registration/login instructions.

Refund Policy
We want you to be satisfied with the product you have purchased. Consequently, we have put not only our basic information in the modules; we have added a number of bonuses to help you along the way. We know this course is tough, and you will be tempted to avoid doing the work, throw up your hands, and ask for a refund. However, we also know if you do the work, including showing up in the group and asking for help, it will produce results for you. We cannot get back the time we spend with you; and you cannot un-know what you have learned from us. However, if, at the end of the program, you are unhappy and can show us all the homework completed and we can see you participated in the group and asked for help when needed, we will be happy to refund your purchase price.


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